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The Best Time Of Day To Advertise On Boston Radio

Nov 12, 2019 7:02:43 PM / by Larry Julius

You've done the research. You now know that by every measure, radio advertising is the most effective way for your New England small business to market its goods and services.

You have learned, for instance, 3,543,709 adult consumers regularly tune-in to their favorite Boston radio stations.  This is more than watch local TV, read a newspaper, sign-in to social media, or log-in to streaming audio services like Pandora and Spotify.

Media Reach In Boston

You've also learned that, on average, adults spend almost two hours per day listening to local radio.

If you dug deep enough, then you know radio advertising delivers, on average, a $10 lift in sales for every $1 invested. This is a remarkable return for any New England small business owner.

What you may not have figured out, however, is what is the best time of day to advertise on Boston radio?

The chart below demonstrates that radio reaches a significant portion of Boston area consumers during every part of the day including, late-night, overnight, and on the weekends.

Reach Of Boston Radio Stations By Time Of Day

Advertising On Boston Radio: Dayparts

It is also evident that most listening to Boston radio occurs Monday through Friday between 6:00 am and 7:00 pm.  This is often referred to as prime-time. As a consequence of supply-and-demand pricing, however, prime-time is also the most expensive time to advertise.

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For a local small business owner, then, advertising effectively only during prime-time could be cost-prohibitive.  But, there is a way to reach the prime-time audience without paying a premium price.

It turns out that 8-out-of-10 adults who listen to Boston radio stations during prime-time also listen during other parts of the day as well. This is good news for New England business owners because the cost of advertising outside of prime-time is considerably less expensive.

People Who Listen To Boston Radio During Prime Time

Prime Time Radio Advertising In Boston

So, it is possible for a budget-conscious Boston small business owner to effectively reap all of the benefits of radio advertising (the reach, the frequency, and the ROI) without breaking the bank. This requires advertising at all times of day, not just prime-time.

It is also important to point out that there is no difference in the quality of consumers who listen to Boston radio during prime-time vs. other times of the day. Therefore, regardless of the demographic a small business is targeting, that audience can be reached on Boston radio during almost any time of day.

Best Time To Advertise On Boston Radio

To answer the title question, then, "What is the best time of day to advertise on Boston radio stations?"  Every time of day is the best time.

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